Learn How to Create a Website Using WordPress

Step 1: How To Install WordPress

In this step-by-step tutorial I will guide you on how to create a website using WordPress. Luckily, because so many hosting companies recognize the popularity of WordPress, they've made it very easy to install WordPress on your website. There are many such programs...

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Step 2: How To Choose a Theme In WordPress

Whenever you're creating a new site using the WP CMS, one of the most important decisions you'll make is to determine the theme you'll be using. Of course, you can switch themes whenever you feel like it, but nevertheless, it's easier to pick a theme you like and then...

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Step 3: Set Permalinks and Install Plugins

Search engine optimization is focused on getting various search engines, namely Yahoo, Bing, and Google to place you high up in their search results for the keywords that you want to "rank for". However, the Big G and the others can't figure out where to put your...

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Step 4: Installing Widgets On Your WordPress Website

Widgets have many, many different functions. They give you the ability to do all kinds of things you wouldn't be able to do without them. This is similar to what a plugin does, BUT, trust me when I tell you that there're some SERIOUS differences you'll find when you...

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Why I Recommend Using BlueHost, and How To Get Started

Personally, I've been using BlueHost as my primary host for most of my websites, and I'm happy to say, it's been working fantastically. I have 4 very large and profitable WP websites, which have been hosted on BlueHost for well over 7 years now. BlueHost is definitely...

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